We just wanted to say “Thank You” for the way you respond to our many questions. Nothing seems to be a problem and your responses are always informative, helpful and courteous!

Client: AM
Date: 23.08.2019

I must say how much I appreciate your work ethic and all your proactive help to date.

Client: SR
Date: 23.09.2019

Just to say thanks again for all your help yesterday and throughout our property purchase, it has been invaluable.

Client: AM
Date: 21.11.2019

Bruce and I would like to express our thanks to you for all your assistance over the last few months.

Client: AC
Date: 11.12.2019

Ignacio, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent support and guidance (and sense of humour!) during our house purchase. We will most certainly keep in touch and see you in Valencia and Scotland soon!
Muchas gracias.

Client: CQ
Date: 06.01.2020

You helped me with the purchase of a Villa in Lanzarote about 4 years ago & I was very impressed with your professionalism.

Client: LM
Date: 16.01.2020

Thank you for the work carried out and the excellent service your company did for me.

Client: JS
Date: 12.02.2020

Many thanks for your excellent friendly service, I shall not hesitate to recommend you and may well have reason to request your services again.

Client: FH
Date: 18.02.2020

Thank you for everything you and Ignacio have done and if we do need any legal representation in the future, I will not hesitate to contact you.

Client: PG
Date: 19.02.2020

We have travelled a long road together with all the twists and turns it has taken but we have finally reached the conclusion we wanted. We are truly amazed and humbled by your dedication and tenacity on our behalf to achieve this outcome. We truly believe that no one else could have done what you did. You are a credit to yourself, your family, and your profession. We will raise a glass and drink to you this evening.

Client: DS
Date: 21.02.2020

Thanks to you for your prompt drafting of the POA and Julie for the prompt expediting which allowed me to get this progressed.

Client: DS
Date: 27.03.2020

Once again many, many thanks for your indispensable assistance and patience. We could not have achieved this without you.

Client: DS
Date: 27.04.2020

Hi Ignacio. The pleasure was all mine today. I have been impressed from day one with your absolute professionalism. I have felt at all times felt that my position has been very secure.

Client: JD
Date: 05.07.2020

Thank you for coordinating everything so smoothly to-date. I appreciate your efforts.

Client: JVR
Date: 01.09.2020

Everyone should have an Ignacio.  The world would be a better place.

Client: GI
Date: 18.09.2020

Once again, thank you so much for your help throughout this – we are certain that we could never have done it without your help and support.

Once again, thank you so much for everything!

Client: DJ and SJ
Date: 01.10.2020
Thank you Ignacio – we are incredibly grateful for your help in solving this problem which has been hanging over us for years.

Client: DJ and SJ
Date: 14.10.2020

Ignacio has been very helpful to explain the process of the PoA. It was the first time my husband and I had ever had to organise one of those.

Client: PHG and JHG
Date: 04.11.2020
Thank you once again for all your help. You have gone way above and beyond your duty as a solicitor.

Client: HB and EB
Date: 26.11.2020
Thanks for the invoice for Ignacio’s Herculean efforts. We were very fortunate to have him in our corner. The year wouldn’t have ended on this happy note if Gill had never got in touch with SSLaw all those months ago.

…we will not easily forget the compassionate way he handled our situation and we’d like to show our appreciation.

Client: AI and GI
Date: 30.12.2020
At first things can look relatively straightforward but as you progress then complications can feel very daunting. We have some Spanish language knowledge but without the professional expertise and unwavering quality of service from Ignacio, we would never have navigated the Spanish legal and property systems. It was important to us to ensure that our sale was conducted properly and professionally – Ignacio provided responsive, reliable and trustworthy legal advice. His attention to detail is excellent and we appreciate all the support from him and his company.

Client: SH and NH
Date: 27.01.2021

Thank you for letting me know and thank you for your assistance in this matter. You have dealt with it very promptly and I have always felt informed as to progress.

Client: CA
Date: 27.01.2021
Thank you so, so much for all your help through this process.
You’ve made a purchase possible that would not have happened without your help.
And many, many thanks.

Client: DK
Date: 24.03.2021
Thank you Ignacio, much appreciated you are a miracle worker. Have a wonderful Easter holiday with your family.

Client: JW and JW
Date: 31.03.2021

Again, many thanks to you and Ignacio for all your work in helping us get a start in Spain. We could not have done it without all your help.

Client: DK
Date: 06.04.2021

Muchas gracias Ignacio! Estoy super contenta!!!

Ha sido un placer inmenso trabajar contigo; la mejor experiencia que he tenido con un solicitor.

Client: MC
Date: 07.05.2021

I would like to thank you for your assistance which has been invaluable and I would not hesitate in recommending you or using your services again.

Client: Associate Director, Glasgow law firm
Date: 10.05.2021

Thanks so much for this, and for your support throughout what has been a very stressful period.

Not only are you an excellent, conscientious lawyer (and being a former lawyer myself, that is high praise!) you have always been polite, considerate and consistently kind – the consummate professional.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for a Spanish lawyer.

Many thanks again for everything.

Client: PC
Date: 07.06.2021

Dear Ignacio
Very many thanks for your email, the
service you have provided has been amazing and very much appreciated by us all.

Client: DM
Date: 13.06.2021

Thank you, Ignacio. You have no idea how grateful I am to have found you! It is reassuring to have someone proactive on my side. This whole issue has really caused me a lot of stress and I will be really glad to have everything legalised properly at last.

Client: YB
Date: 05.07.2021

Now that Mrs. xxxx administration has reach a conclusion I would like to take the opportunity to express, on behalf myself and our Mr. xxxx, our sincere gratitude to you for all your patience, guidance and invaluable help with this case.

Client: Dumfries and Galloway law firm
Date: 07.07.2021

The service provided by Ignacio was absolutely top notch.

Client: DM
Date: 07.07.2021

I received the account for your services this afternoon and thought that it was exceptional value for all that you did to guide us through the maze.
We cannot thank you enough for all your help and sound advice and we know that you did much more than observe the normal working day.

Client: DM
Date: 08.07.2021

Thank you for your kind email. I do not know how I could repay the gratitude you have shown us and the service we have received.

Please promise me as soon as you have completed this transaction for me you will forward me your bank details. Again, I cannot thank you enough. Many many thanks.

Client: MB
Date: 09.09.2021

Thank you for all your support and expert assistance. It means the world to me to finally have all the paperwork sorted and to know that my beautiful home in Castellar is finally secure!I have worked hard for many years to achieve this so I am really delighted. Perhaps you might get to see it someday! I have reformed an old house into my little palace…and now I’m going to enjoy it!
Thanks again Ignacio. I look forward to receiving the papers.
I think you are fantastic! Thank you sooooo much!

Client: YB
Date: 14.09.2021 and 16.09.2021

The service has been absolutely first class so thank you for such wonderful service.

Client: GM and SM
Date: 29.09.2021

Alvaro has done a super job and so things have gone very smoothly for us. We are in Lanzarote as I write this and look forward to many days in the sun.

Client: JB and MM
Date: 21.10.2021

Thanks for everything it’s all been very seamless due to Ignacio’s knowledge & professionalism. 👍👍👍

Client: TS and SS
Date: 12.11.2021

I also just want to let you know how very grateful I am for all your assistance, patience and perseverance through this extended process due to the intervention of covid, just when we were getting moving too. I would never have been able to navigate my way around or find the professionals like Daniel so necessary to get to the end result. What I was dreading as a very painful journey has been very light for which I thank you most sincerely. I know who to recommend to anyone needing a lawyer!

Thank you, Ignacio.

Client: JK
Date: 24.11.2021
Thanks – Ignacio was super-efficient from start to finish and I would highly recommend
your company.

Client: SC
Date: 01.12.2021

Many thanks for all your hard work with this contract. May I commend you particularly for your efficiency and prompt communication. You have been a breath of fresh air!!

Client: VC
Date: 22.12.2021

Thank you so much! We are very happy and excited and are so grateful for your professionalism and assistance during this entire process.

Client: KH & VH
Date: 26.04.2022

.. if anyone is looking for a Spanish /Scottish lawyer I will most definitely recommend Ignacio and your firm 👍👍👍

Client: TS & SS
Date: 06.05.2022

Once again, I thank you for all your help. My clients and I are most grateful to you.

I look forward to receiving your fee note in due course and hope that I will be able to call on your assistance again in the future when circumstances require.

Client: Partner, West Lothian law firm
Date: 20.05.2022

We have the keys and we are over the moon.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work.

Client: DC and KC
Date: 03.06.2022

We cannot thank you enough for all your counsel and support over these past months.

Client: SF and LF
Date: 03.06.2022

I would like to express my thanks for all your efforts with my POA. You were very fast and efficient. Thanking you again.

Client: AK
Date: 27.06.2022

Big thank you to Ignacio and yourself for making it go so smoothly.

Client: KT
Date: 04.07.2022

I would like to thank you for all your work on the purchase. Another job very efficiently done and once again a very satisfied customer!!

Client: VC
Date: 07.07.2022

Many thanks for the good news and all your professional support. It is much appreciated.

Client: EW (PW)
Date: 08.07.2022

We’ve really appreciated all your help with this purchase.

As you know there are so many horror stories around buying property in Spain, but working with you, your due diligence has given Amanda and I 100% confidence with our purchase.

Client: TH & AH
Date: 25.08.2022

We are so impressed by the speed, efficiency and charm of your law firm. For the first time, we are encouraged.

Client: AR (CG)
Date: 21.08.2022

Ignacio: I can’t thank you enough. You are a true gentleman and a credit to your profession.

Client: CW
Date: 30.08.2022

This is our first time buying abroad and I cannot extol the work of Ignacio high enough. His clear advice and instructions from the start of the process helped greatly with our understanding of what lay ahead. When we finally found the right property he was always close at hand to advise and carry out all the legal work to secure it for us. In addition, he helped us in many regards on other issues like Spanish bank accounts, NIE certificate, electricity, factors etc which would have been for us much more difficult as we do not speak the language.

I would be happy for you to use me as a reference or testimony to the work of Ignacio if ever needed.

Client: JM
Date: 22.09.2022

Muchísimas gracias Ignacio, estás haciendo un trabajo increíble, te lo agradezco.

Client: JS
Date: 23.09.2022

I just wanted to contact you on a personal basis to thank you for all your prompt and useful support and advice in connection with our recent mutual case. Being able to rely on your expert knowledge has been invaluable to me-so, thank you!

Client: FM (FC)
Date: 23.09.2022

I have just transferred the fees for Ignacio’s excellent service.

Client: SA & HA
Date: 29.09.2022

We are both very grateful for the superb service you have provided – very much appreciated. We would not hesitate to recommend you.

Client: BM
Date: 04.10.2022

Many thanks for all your help in securing our new Spanish property that we will enjoy for many years to come. We will definitely use you again when needed and also pass onto friends that need the same service.

Client: JM
Date: 28.10.2022


I am so thrilled, Ignacio. You are simply the best.
Thank you, thank you.

Client: CG (AR)
Date: 28.10.2022

I’ve been working with lawyers for 25 years and Ignacio is head and shoulders above the rest.

Client: CW
Date: 02.11.2022

I would like to take opportunity to thank you so much for your professionalism and support through this.

Client: AM
Date: 04.11.2022

Ignacio is a total star and the most impressive lawyer I have worked with in decades.

Client: CG (AR)
Date: 09.11.2022

I am pleased that everything has now been completed to my satisfaction.
Once again, thank you for your kind assistance.

Client: SM
Date: 23.11.2022

Thank you very much for this update and for everything that you have done for us. Your support and assistance have been absolutely first class – your professionalism, communication and pro activity have made the process very straightforward and stress-free. We can’t thank you enough.

Client: SF and JF
Date: 24.11.2022

Many, many thanks for your patience and fabulous assistance and advice throughout this process.

Client: R+A (ML)
Date: 09.12.2022

Thank you to you and your Team; especially Alvaro, for your assistance in getting our Visas, we head to Spain next Tuesday to start our new life.

Client: PS
Date: 01.03.2023

Many thanks for all your help throughout, I’ve a few friends who I’m sending your way as it’s truly been first class.

Client: AK
Date: 10.03.2023

You were an absolute hero today and we are so grateful. I imagine it was a very exhausting day so I hope you are having a restful evening tonight.

Thank you very much for your excellent summary.
Arthur has a very old friend in Spain who used to live in Altea. She moved a few years ago. Last night she said you must be a super exceptional lawyer because the property owners she knows who have been invaded have not regained possession for at least 18 months. We second that, of course.

Client: AR (CG)
Date: 17.05.2023 & 18.05.2023

Ignacio I can’t thank you enough. You are without exception the best lawyer I have had the pleasure and privaledge of meeting in 25 years of working in law. Sincere thanks from us both.

Client: CW & LW
Date: 23.05.2023

I can’t thank you enough for all your support and guidance this week.

Client: SF & LF
Date: 16.06.2023

Again, you support us with great care and kindness. We are very grateful.

Client: SF & LF
Date: 19.06.2023

Graham, Gary and David are all extremely grateful for your help in this matter.

Graham has been trying to have the transfer completed for more than 5 years. He’s asked
me to pass on his personal thanks for dealing with this matter in such a straightforward
and efficient manner.

Client: DC & GC (IJ)
Date: 20.06.2023

We honestly cannot thank Ignacio enough, I have already sent him an email of thanks for all his support, coordination, expertise and kindness.

Client: LF
Date: 12.07.2023

Thank you very much for all your incredible work. This is very exciting! It is always such a true pleasure to interact with you, as your professionalism is second to none. You have always made these massive tasks very straightforward and easy for us, and being so remote from Spain, we appreciate this tremendously.

Client: KH & VH
Date: 31.08.2023

It was a pleasure dealing with you and Ignacio and I won’t hesitate to recommend you!

Client: HC
Date: 15.09.2023

Many thanks for all of your help – you guys have been fantastic.

Client: GS                  Date: 15.09.2023

Thank you for your e mail it is so refreshing to find a solicitor who clearly cares about his clients.

I wanted to thank you personally for your assistance with my father in obtaining the funds from Spain so expeditiously. This will help my family immensely at a difficult time in our lives.

Client: SF (potential clients)
Date: 08.11.2023

Thank you so much. We are so grateful for your help. It is the only reason Arthur got his flat back. I deeply regret we have no giant continuing matter to give you. We are overwhelmed by Ignacio’s generosity in writing off one million hours.

I tried very hard to get Ignacio an award of some kind. I think I would have succeeded if I were still in a law firm. There is, in any case, no award splendid enough to thank him.

Client: AR (CG)
Date: 10.11.2023

You continue to be worth your weight in gold – or whichever precious metal or element currently has the highest market value!

Client: GI
Date: 23.11.2023

Please accept my gratitude for your excellent service. It really has been of a brilliant standard.

Client: RS
Date: 01.12.2023

We are absolutely thrilled with the good news, and have been so happy with the work and commitment from Alvaro.

Client: LC
Date: 05.12.2023

We have just concluded the purchase of our property in Spain and cannot recommend Ignacio highly enough. He took us through the various steps of process with patience, professionalism and expertise. He was always available on the phone and by email even after UK office hours. If you have arrived at this website and are thinking about engaging him for that purpose you need look no further.

Client: TR & SR
Date: 31.01.2024

Wonderful Ignacio!
I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you for finally getting everything sorted for my family. I will share the good news with them now!

Client: SA
Date: 21.03.2024

Thank you for all the help and support through the process. So delighted it was only a month; my nerves would have been shredded if it was two…

Alvaro has helped immeasurably – calming me down.

Client: MK & AK
Date: 20.03.2024

I wouldn’t have known where to start without all your decisive and proactive help, knowledge and expertise in respect of this matter. It all being closed out now is a huge relief to me, and helps me close an unwanted chapter in my life, which I am now able to move forward from.

I really appreciate everything you have done here and I will make sure I pass by Valencia in the near future and celebrate this over dinner with you!

Again, massive thanks for all that you have done!

Client: DC
Date: 26.03.2024

Thank you so much. I have gone into the account and the money has now gone in 🙏 What a relief I can’t thank you enough. I will expect your bill.

Client: LC
Date: 10.04.2024

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