Before buying a property in Spain, it is vital to seek legal advice beforehand to ensure that you understand the process, your rights, obligations and risks and that everything is done properly and in a timely manner. From helping you to choose the right property in Spain to advising you in all the legal matters related to the purchase or sale of a particular property, Spanish + Scottish Law Practice can assist.

If you intend to buy a property from an individual, a developer or a bank, we make sure that “all the boxes are ticked”. You can rely on our highly experienced and helpful legal team to guide you through the whole process for your peace of mind.

Unlike other legal firms and Spanish Law practitioners in Spain, once you have made up your mind about the property you want to buy, there is no need for you to come to Spain to complete the purchase. Our team of Spanish Lawyers and Notaries in Scotland will make the process easy and convenient for you. Once the legal process of buying a property is completed, you just need to collect the keys and enjoy your dream home.

We also provide legal advice on major residential and commercial building projects and new developments across Spain.

“We are sitting and we just had dinner in More, Spain. Everything went very smoothly today and we must convey our thanks to you. It was noticed by everyone today that you, Ignacio, had made everyone’s job easier. We are delighted with our new home and are heading for the shops tomorrow!!! Cannot wait to start this new venture and are excited by this beautiful country. Natalia our thanks to you too”.

Alan, Lynne and Bruce

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